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What the fuck are people so fascinated about when it comes to reallifecam? We took a week and poured over the site to write this detailed review.

Reallifecam Website Review: Sucks Patience Big Time!

Are you interested in trying out an Adult webcam site but don’t know where to start? Want to avoid risky live stream sites that could pose a threat to your online security?

Here we want to give you the knowledge it takes to avoid sites that could put you in danger as a user and deter your adult cam experience. Sites like Reallifecam and Voyer cams are lacking in adequate user security measures and we’re going to show you exactly what we mean here. is an adult live-streaming site that has been in operation since 2011, and allows visitors and paying members of the site to watch often explicit imagery via planted webcams in the living spaces of consenting adults.

Free voyeur fails without a doubt. How do users would actually enjoy live voyeur cam when it’s just people walking and sleeping in the live cams?

Adult cam users need to realize Voyeur life and Voyer cams are not as entertaining as they would’ve thought. This is another reason the better reallifecam alternative is

You are allowed to browse through different spaces and tune in to whichever strikes you, but that’s about the extent of the site content. Most of live Voyeur life cams work only on paid membership. This is why Voyeur cams suck big time!

Reallifecam Features
Reallifecam is a decent idea for newcomers to adult cam platform. But wise adult cam users would prefer erotic sites like Streamate and LiveJasmin.

Reallifecam Features:

Reallifecam’s features are very tailored to the live voyeur cam experience and therefore are lacking in content variety. Exactly what Voyeurhouse (review at the link) reminded us.

They do a bit more for age restrictions but not enough as a standard site we would recommend, and have some unclear security measures outlined in their privacy policy. 

  • Limited access to free live streams.
  • Poor stream content for free streams.
  • Lack of tailored personalization or categories for users.
  • No age verification upon entry of the website.
  • A vague description of security measures taken to protect users.

Reallifecam Site Summary:

Reallifecam Costs
Reallifecam Costs. This sure as hell looks costlier for real life cams. We would rather have Streamate girls perform for lesser money.

The site features of Reallifecam aren’t restrictive enough when it comes to denying minors entry to the site and access to its content. They also don’t seem to extend enough resources to make their site secure from outside interference.

This makes live voyeur cams less than satisfactory when it comes to the availability and the range of sites that have provided the features that they haven’t.

Voyeur cams/ reallifecam lacks energy and any real user value. No one would like to watch an actionless performance while spending a lot of money.

To be blunt, reallifecam wasn’t made to give users access to a wide variety of cam content, it is adult in nature but not interactive and limited to a small community of consenting residents.

It’s also lacking in taking appropriate safety precautions to protect its users from any harmful site interaction, and it’s costly to view higher quality content.

Free Voyeur Cam is a little over-rated for users to be honest. Not all Voyeur webcams site are intended to provide free access to peek into real life voyeur house webcam.

Real life hidden cam is still a marketing gimmick that users have to understand.

Not only Reallifecams, even the other private cam sites like Voyeur House TV, & Camarads (reviews at these links) also gives the same impression. Voyuer cams are not great at all.

Reallifecam Girls
Reallifecam Girls are hot but whether the adult user has the patience to watch the normal activity for hours? Pretty much a doubt!

If learning more about Reallifecams policies has made you seek the best adult live streaming platform possible, then we suggest you check out Streamate (review at the link). It utilizes quality content and satisfactory security measures to protect site visitors and users from nefarious site use.

RealLifeCam Home Page Screenshot
Who got the patience to spend hours watching Reallifecams wasting the internet? Pretty lame isn’t it? Think about it.

Streamate consistently includes features that are installed to create a more user-friendly and safe adult cam-ing experience, such as site entry age verification and adequate privacy policies.

Meanwhile streamate is also making sure that quality free live streams are offered to site visitors.

They focus on the active protection of user data by taking security measures like firewalls and protected user accounts.

Chat ranking is our choice for a better adult live cam-ing website that provides safety and protection for users who value it and want a grade A adult cam experience.

Choose Streamate for your future adult web cam-ing and live streaming experience.  You can try streamate now at

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