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Everything is already so expensive these days, we all need a few go-to free chat sites!

Welcome to Chat Site Charlies’ list of the best free chat sites for 2022.

Before I get ahead of myself I want to tell you that you really need to first ask yourself, “What is the value of my time?” The reason why I say that is because lots of these totally free chat sites present both safety risks and can be a horrible waste of your time. 

As a member of probably 200 different chat sites, I have tried nearly all the places to chat on the web. This also goes for free chat apps. There are some widely referenced popular free chat sites that we can’t recommend in our 2nd table below. The first table has our ranking of the best free chat sites though.

adult chat sites
Over 18, adult chat sites are the most used type of free chat sites on the internet.

If you want to learn more about any of the popular free chat sites you can just click the read the reviews button in the table below.  There are two tables, one for the general free chat sites and one for the free chat sites for sex.

Top Places for Free Online Chat

In case you are in a hurry, we started you out with our list of just the top free chat sites.

Let me clarify for you first through the focus of our list of the best free chat sites. What we do here is offer reviews on free chat sites and share those which are safe for adults to use.

Thus general chat sites offer fun chat rooms but contradict the allowed uses by not allowing what we consider to be adult entertainment we do not link to or recommend. That is because we strongly feel that mature audiences’ content does not mix with general chat.

Now that we have gotten that out of the way I will rank all the top free chat sites including the #1 chat website on the web as of Jan 2022. I should also mention that because chat site reviews were launched post the COVID-19 pandemic, right now more people than ever before are spending time on chat lines.

That said, here it is the best places to chat on the internet

Free Chat Sites Unique Features / Review Summaries
✓ live chats for adults and completely free 18 and over chat is all they offer. This makes it a safe place for masturbation cams. The women chatting here are some of the most entertaing of all the free chat sites.
✓ free chat apps
✓ Better free chat now option that 321chat.
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✓ Live jasmin cams are one of the top dirty chat forums with explicit webcam shows by ladies and guys too from all parts of the world.
✓ uncensored chat
✓ anonymous chat
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✓ An exquisite free chat no registration or download site with webcam women who are all about nude chat. You just can't hardly go wrong with the free chat lines at Stream mate.
✓ chat cam site
✓ #1 chat USA
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✓ MFC is one of the best us chat websites for fully nude chat. Expect to see lots of hot girls stripping and chatting 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. The mobile chat is also far superior to sites like and chat iw
✓ Totally free chatlines
✓ Better chat avenue alternative
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✓ free chat lines are chalk-full of people just like you, bored and horny chat with optional nude webcam sex shows. The reality is dirty chat sites is what you want and that is what you can count on here.
✓ chat sex webcams
✓ chat forums
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✓ What I enjoy most about the imlive free chatrooms is the raw nature of randomchat. You can really have fun chatting here because so many of the people are just like you. The women showing off their bodies on cam don't seem like internet models which gives it a depth of added authenticity.
✓ fun chat rooms
✓ chat online
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From e-chat to free chat, chatting is what is helping people pass time while they’re sheltering in place at home and practicing good social distancing.

free chat no registration
If you think about it, free chat with no registration is not a good idea! It is just the contrary that should give you peace of mind.

Let me just come right out and tell you that when you see free chat with no registration advertised on a chat platform that is a good indication that the chat site is not a safe place to chat online.

Live chat is fun but it’s never really anonymous so realize anything you do in chat rooms is in some way trackable back to you. So you are always more safe using the free chat sites that verify your age and identity.

These days there are lots of free chat alternatives for adults to choose from. For those reasons, you are not going to see a 321chat or a chat ave on our list of top free chat sites!

Free Cam Chat is Mainstream

I am telling you cam chat is a huge thing nowadays.

It is just a fact that most people really end up using webcam sites, as cam chat is what most people are seeking when they look for free chat. After all, why spend hours searching anonymous chat sites, just hoping to chat with girls, and end up striking out when you can instantly join free adult webcam chat sites and be chatting with girls within a few minutes.

Okay so, I know some of you are probably short on time and ready to just get on with finding a good free chat site for adults. I get it. So I will share my favorite free mature chat site.

Chatting websitesReviews Summary
✓ Chatville is a notoriously slow, clunky, no cam chat and absolutely nothing free like freechatnow website.
✓ general chat
✓ free chat now
✓ a chat ave and chatiw alternative
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✓ Yes, they offer live chat given the name of the site is chatliv, a word play but there is no real play when it comes to adult cams.
✓ Site like 321chat
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✓ One of the dozens of chat sites that does voluntary age verification so you really have no idea who you are talking with online. It is sorta like
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✓ Chatib is another dicey free e chat place with little to no live cams but seemingly few girls using text chat either.
✓ Another one of the online chat rooms without registration. It has a chatroom, it is just not a good one.
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✓ Omegle is one of the most well known and also frankly one of the worst free chat apps. Lack of security and no age verification make it downright scary.
✓ Stroll up sex chat avenue, just not here!
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Those are all places that we can’t suggest based on our reviews and tests of each of them.

Besides these chat portals, there is a wide variety of other forms of video chat on the web. Take for example the wild and weird random sex video chat sites featuring cam girls, or the utterly ridiculous voyeur cams.

cam chat
Cam chat no longer has the taboo it once held.

Whatever you do, just don’t get suckered into stranger chat.

The whole idea of chat with strangers should be a red flag for most of you. However, others who have the whole seize-the-day type of rogue attitude might think it seems harmless enough.

Let me tell you though, that is just not the case with stranger chat. Save your, “carpe diem” attitude for a full commitment to trying some of the sites in our list of the best free chat sites above.

free chat
Just focusing on free chat can end up with you using low-quality chat forums. Consider searching for other related terms and reading reviews about each chat site.

Stranger chat isn’t just foolish, it is a sausage fest of perverts chatting; all hoping to find an unsuspecting female to expose themselves to.

It is actually so widely known to be true that there are even memes circulating on social media sites about sites like ChatAve, 321chat, and Omegle.

Even more at byfchat com by promotion them as safe free chat which it isn’t.

Whether or not it was one of the more modern chat sites like or, one of the old-school chat ave adult style sites, chances are you’ve used a chat site at one point or another for social activities. Most of us might not tell our friends we are using sex cams, but the fact is we are.

It is also worth noting that during the current economic downturn, a growing number of women are also working on premium, semi-free chat sites as nude online entertainers.

There Are Lots of Free Chat Sites, But Make To Stay Secure.  

I too used to use anonymous chat sites for totally uncensored chat. That was before I learned how risky cam chat can be.  (Which is what I share with our readers). The reason why they call me Chat Site Charlie is because I really do offer sound advice for those of you like me, who are just wanting free chat sites for adults that are legit and okay to use for mature conversations!

The scoop is this; places like chatiw or chatib are not where you want to rest your laurels. At least now when many other better places for free chat are available that keep you out of harm’s way and provide a way more interactive experience.

Moreover, I am here to tell you that adult chat avenue is a hot mess; so that free chat site is a hard pass as well. If you want to chat about sex take some time to read the reviews in the table of good chat sites. And remember, so many people are members of cam chat sites these days that it’s no longer out of the norm, so dive in.

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