Chat Roulette

You truly never know what to expect at chat roulette sites. Most of the time though you’re greeted by the not-so-hot random guy vs girls on cam. And yes it is usually just a circle jerk of guys jacking off as far as what you get on roulette cams.

That said, due to the fact so people still search out these types of chat websites we have highlighted some of the dangers and pitfalls.

Chat Roulette
Chat roulette is the grab bag of chat sites. You never know what you will get and it might not be good!

These personal experiences from roulette chat sites I share are all too often what others encounter.

Moreover, the male to female ratio on these sites is very heavily skewed towards men. In the rare event, you find females on chat roulette webcams it’s not the hot young girl you’d hoped to find but rather the local sex crimes detectives who are actually hunting you!

All for the better too. People need to learn what is appropriate online.

Exercise Caution on Chat Roulette Sites

With that said, some of the operators of these so-called roulette cams sites like DirtyRoulette have tried to design platforms that are just for adult chat roulette or even sex cams roulette.

All these efforts fall flat. Typically it is just a matter of time before those sites start to simply refer people to legit webcam sites for adults because they too realize that is what people are actually seeking.

chatroulette alternatives
There are lots of chatroulette alternatives.

Thus, it makes far more sense to value your time and safety and instead realize that with so many girls are stripping on the leading sites, you get the same wow factor of chat roulette by just going directly to cam girl sites.

That said, what I find super fascinating (and you may as well) is the sheer volume of people looking for dirty roullette, omele, chatrolette, chat rulet, and chat roullette. These are all nearly incoherent ramblings of someone so fucking horny they lost their ability to spell. 🙂

Let’s start with the most obvious choices for the best chat roulette sites. Then after you read our chat roulette reviews I think you will agree why they are not safe if you are after a video chat with strangers involving any sort of mature audience content!

Best Random Cam Chat

Chat roulette sitesReviews Summary & Unique Features
✓ Streamate has more in common with chatroulette than you might realize, the big takeaway though should be you finally found a place with random girls who are willing to do nude webcam shows for you at affordable prices. That is what makes this roulette chat so popular
✓ chat cam women live 24 hours a day.
✓ Free video chat rooms plus premium options
✓ LiveJasmin is what you might expect if you combined a glamour cams site and a chat random site. The red blocks remind me of Hollywood Squares but the image quality if pristine. Expect fast speeds and lots of pictures of girls in a state of half undress and you won't be disappointed.
✓ a bazoocam chat alternative
✓ chatroullete style centered on live porn.
✓ Totally random webcams for live sex.
✓ Better than dirty roullete because zero risk of minors.
✓ Another fun chat roulette website where the girls are going to be legal is Imlive. It's an omegle website of sorts but just women willing to masturbate for money in chat. Which is even better than omgle. Their credit are just a buck each as well and theirs fewer girls in studios too; meaning it has a more raw feel.
✓ One of the leading low cost sex chatroulette sites.
✓ Chat with random people who are all wanting the same thing.
✓ Chaturbate is the true dirty roulette alternative to chat roulette sites because of the fact they really do offer free porn cams. The social media airwaves are inundated with chaturbate cam girls and the site is risk-free to use.
✓ Best free chatalternative
✓ Most chatroulette alternatives with cams are all premium, this one offers free video chat.
✓ can be considered a chatrandom type of site in that you can hordes of selection possibilities yet you can have the peace of mind not risking your life that minors or girls under 18 might be here.
✓ Easy to use roulette chat style site with nude cam shows.
✓ Video chat with strangers who are horny.
✓ MyFreeCams is a great chatroulette alternative where you get that omegle video fascination from a wide selection of women, most of whom are college aged girls on webcams. The HD aspect is lacking and speed a bit slow but the epic beauty of the girls here is noteworthy.
✓ Talk to strangers online video
✓ Only sex talk vs chatroulette apps.

Here is the site to avoid. I should also note that bazoocam and omgle could easily be on this list!

Chat roulette camsSummary - What You Need to Know
✓ Often misspelled as either chatroulet and chatrulette, Chatroulette is a danger zone if it is being used for dirty chat. The voluntary age verification step of just stating you are over 18 leaves those who in fact are adults susceptible to inadvertently chatting with minors about sex. AVOID AT ALL COSTS or simply do not bring up any mature subject matter or share any xxx images on cam here.

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✓ Most known chatroullette site
✓ Also shadiest chatroulete place on the web
✓ A knockoff chatroulette app that is growing quick, chatrandom has roulette cams but is even riskier of a place for those seeking sexy talk with girls. Nothing is secure.
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✓ One of the least used chatroulette USA sites in our reviews.
✓ Another dirty chat roulette alternative
✓ Camsurf is one of the newest chat roullete like sites. Like the original and most used chatroulett, itis riddled with risks as you have no idea who you are actually talking on cam with which means there is no way to check how old they are!
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✓ Widely discussed among those looking for chatroulette iphone apps.
✓ Frequently cited as one of the top sites like chatroulette.

Omegle Video Sites and Sites Like Omegle are Risky as Hell!

roulette webcam
Once popular roulette webcams have pretty much been replaced with more honest live sex webcam chat sites.

What we know for sure, is that the user intent when looking for these terms is, in fact, roulette chat! For those who have tried out a chatroulette app though, they can tell you these sites are super boring now. Everyone is hip to the game that while roullete chat websites used to serve as early years forms of sex cams, that is no longer the case.

chat roulette reviews
Peruse the chat roulette reviews to see which roulette cams site is the best of them all.

The same can be said for old skool chat room sites where guys would go to try and lure women into sex chat.

More often than not, people on these sites are seeking out free cam to cam for adults and they want random cam chat.

However, it is what these users do not realize that stands to land them in a bad situation.

Chatroulette random type webcams do not require identification which means they have no true way to ensure that just adults use the site.

I still remember the first time I used a chatroulette site. I was 18 years old and in high school at the time and as most guys would, I thought it was harmless enough and might be fun to see random girls on cam. The problem then and still now is that there were very few girls on random cam sites like 321sexchat and the few I found were from far-off places with lousy slow loading webcam feeds.

That is still the case! Now there are even fewer girls on roulette cams.

I probably wasted 1 hour and only went back a few times, each time realizing more what a total waste of my time it was.

This was, of course, way before the ultra time-wasting reallifecams had burst onto the scene. You can follow that link and see why we are not a fan of sites like RealLifeCam or voyeurhouse either. It was also thought far before adult chat sites with cams were available. The latter is of course where the bulk of people are going for live porn chat nowadays.

Over the past 10 years, it has become common knowledge that nobody uses these sites without sexual intent. With that said millions of people still spend hours trying to locate random innocent girls at all different types of popular chat sites.

The Bottom Line on Roulette Chat Cams
Random Cam
Chat roulette sites are a lot like random cams. However, you are pretty much never going to see girls like this on those types of chat sites. (featured model is from Chaturbate)

You really have to be super gullible to think women are going to go to chatrandom, dirty roulette, chatogo, or any similar Chatroulette alternatives to either talk about sex or masturbate when they can literally get paid and showered with compliments by using any of the best chat sites. Omegle video and other roulette cams are the stuff of legend but their truly dead sites offering nothing of value.

These days all the real action is happening in naughty video chat rooms. The good news is there are lots of free chat sites such as or semi-free where you can find free cam to cam with premium options. Use these alternatives to chat with random people where you can also be assured they are looking for the same x-rated chat action!

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