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Let’s talk about the top chat sites!

The story of nearly every honest guy that ever lived is the desire to chat with young hot girls over 18. I am that dude (And chances are so are you). I am here to tell you how you can do that safely and responsibly and at which sites.

So here is the deal! I fucking love using all the top chat sites.

They are so awesome chat sites with hot girls these days. Likewise, now that you can chat with girls on cam cheap and free in all parts of the world!

chat websites
These days millions of people each day use chat websites.

I’ll be honest with you. Sometimes I get bored as fuck and a wee bit lonely and want to find some new friends too. Other times I just want to find girls to watch me jerk off on cam live.

I also love to watch girls taking off their panties and masturbating, so I often go to chat sites when I get bored and just need to bust a quick nut too.

Sometimes I even watch girls on webcams from all over the place via webcam sites. (At least I used to that is before I knew that those places are creepy and not appropriate for dirty chat)

Best Chat Sites Charlie
I call them how I see them and love to share my experiences at all the top chat sites.

You really have to be careful you use chat websites with girls over 18 and that’s not easy with the lack of clarity of chat websites these days.

The truth is it’s not wise at all to use chat roulette sites because they rarely actually check the ages of the users.

It is all based on trust and you just can’t trust a chat site unless you know they have the ID of each user. This protects you as a user.

These random cams-type sites you can never trust are properly vetting users. They are also sites that are full of others just trying to talk to girls in chat rooms for free.

Teen girls sex chat sites for adults are fun too, (18+ of course) but you really MUST be aware of which sites you can use for what.

You have to ensure the website you choose is designed around adult entertainment, not an actual place where underage girls chat. This might seem obvious but too many of the most popular chat sites for 2024 are a mix of audiences with totally different intents.

The internet REALLY is is a dangerous place if not used responsibly.

That is one of the main reasons we produced and published C.S.R. (Chat Site Reviews).

Some of these webcam sites are parading around trying to act as though they are serving dual purposes; two audiences and purposes that can NEVER be mixed.

You can also be damn sure these are not the top chat sites!

This is why we spent a buttload of time on each of the different types of chat sites explaining which are dangerous for adult chat!

Ultimately, what you say and do at webcam sites is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY and yours alone.

So when you are thinking about omegle for sex I encourage you to just stop and instead try or as those are the stranger cam glory holes that are legit!

Saying you forgot to read the terms of service and assumed all the users were over 18 is not enough.

top chat sites
A list of safe top chat sites for adults.

Our guide to chat sites for users over 18 is a great safety net. If everyone read it and followed our advice we would all be better off and not be using sites that are meant as innocent places for teen girls to chat as portals for free sex talk online.

So as you navigate all the different types of cam chat platforms just be aware our tables rank all the best chat sites by category and WE BLOW THE FUCKING WHISTLE on platforms that don’t age verify!

The Top Chat Sites Are Fun & Super Diverse

With that said girls stripping on cam and chat cam sites are the top places for video chat on the web these days. Your best bet is to stick to those and we have listed all the best ones atop each category.

…and of those, typically the sex cam sites are the best places for a good variety of hot girls live on webcams. So I tend to stick to those. Hot webcam sites with lots of girls masturbating live make me happy; so happy. We know that is what you are after as well….and that is why you found the perfect adult resource for chatting with girls on cam.

chat dirty
After all, we all love to use chat dirty!

Life is short so having fun on video chat is one of the best ways to spend your time.

I’ve been spending tons of time on all the top chat sites for nearly a fucking decade now. This is why in 2020 I started to start to share my experiences using video chat sites.

Having been using cam chat sites for almost 10 years now I have even become a bit of a whiz about video chat websites. Even these so-called voyeur cams.

Let’s be honest though, every last one of these sites like reallifecam is a fucking ripoff. They are all a scam compared to the value offered by legit sex chat sites with live cams.

That is just the honest truth. We like the truth around here. We don’t sugarcoat anything. Since the dawn of time men have sought out talking to young hot girls and the same applies on the web. It is a business to cut to the chase.

Women, most young between 18-35 (and yes some guys too) work on the internet as entertainers at most of the sites we all refer to as chat sites these days. It is okay if we speak bluntly about it.

So here is the skinny…

video chat
Webcams for adults are very popular.

I am like a damn encyclopedia of knowledge about all the features, advantages, and benefits of all the most popular cam chat sites.

Especially, live cam sex websites! Listen. You are never going to hear me rave about chatting portals or webcam conversation rooms that suck because I don’t operate with ulterior motives. I will just straight up tell you what is wrong with each place or platform.

For example, isexychat is an utter waste of time.

About half the sites we write about point out serious problems and deficiencies in the whole chat site industry.

Not many chat review websites will just come right out and tell you that chat-avenue is an utter waste of your time or that pornhublive is fake. I literally fill readers in on the true source of those live cams you see on that website and tell you why you instead want to register at streamate.

dirty chat
Dirty chat is enjoyed by millions of people.

Frankly, I just fucking love sex webcams; the truth is the modern definition of chat room sites has become one and the same as live cam sites since the advent of the webcam. Because I have such a passion for this topic I think you will find that shows in our attention to detail in our chat site reviews.

These are my own REAL EXPERIENCES!  

I’m No Cheap Charlie When it Comes to Video Chat Sites Tho…

Sometimes I want to just talk to girls online via xxx chat sites and get right to the teeth-gritting live sex action.

It just really depends on my mood as far as which types of chat sites I go to.

Other times I am on what feels like an endless pursuit for something new or free cams; a place where perhaps I can see more authentic and amateur live chat action.

You know what I mean!

Luckily, since I have been prowling chatting websites for so fucking long I have tried them all. You can follow my advice on where to go for both free chat and the best live sex conversations via webcam. Some of the top chat sites showcase lots of unique, diverse, and exciting topics to chat live about.

Prices of the Top Chat Sites Really Matter

I am NOT rich. Since I have a mortgage and two car payments I have to stay on a budget (like most of my readers) and so it’s just responsible to watch my costs when it comes to nude chat sites. I get it!

I also hate my job but that is a whole other story. At least there is lots of time after work to spend at places where you can talk to girls about sex on cam. It’s not always about nude chat though, other times I enjoy chatting up people from all over the place at random cams.

You are asking for trouble at chatroulette so I caution everyone against this chat site.

That is so 1990’s anyway!

Not to mention that you run into the same bullshit at sites like that; too many damn weirdos and no real girls chatting live.

places to hot chat on the internet
Follow along as we highlight the top places to chat on the internet!
safe adult chat
Across each category of chat sites, I share the safe places that verify ages. It’s all PURE and SAFE ADULT CHAT!

When I am not perusing chat rooms with girls or perusing voyeur cams I am usually here sharing my latest insights on popular video chat apps and sites.

I feel like chat sites are the next best thing to chocolate and long walks on the beach. I don’t know about you but cams chat

I Love Sharing All the Best Chat Sites

You’ll find our list of top live chat sites covering all different types of live chat sites.

Most of the time though I am focused on cam chat and other types of real-life video chat excluding these faux reallifecams.

The fact is, adult cams chat is what most people prefer these days when chatting online.

Considering there are thousands of fun places to chat on the internet, my website is a marvelous place to learn about how each of the leading free chat sites works, as well as what you get when you become a member of each platform.

So just keep in mind, whether you want free chat sites or adult chat sites with webcam girls, we have a deep knowledge base to share with you!

Lastly, remember to use ONLY safe teen chat sites that are designed for adults only and not assume anything.

We are what porndude is for free porn, a deep knowledge base about the best live chat sex sites.

Take that extra few minutes and read the terms of service at each chatting portal you join.

Also, realize these platforms rarely self-police themselves and are instead just concerned about getting as many users as they can.

This leaves it up to each user to make good decisions.


– Chat Site Charlie

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