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What’s the deal with reallifecams? That is what lots of people are wondering.

Today we’re talking about a particular type of hidden sex cam site for voyeurs. These types of cam sites couples and all sorts of other individual perverts really enjoy the feeling of getting away with doing something lewd and sneaky. There are real life cam sites and the actual site called reallifecam, which is a nude voyeur house often referred to as merely reallifecams.

reallife cam
traditional porn cams offer more reallife cam action.

The site name is not plural but is often erroneously referred to as real live cams. This often leads to lots of confusion with people thinking other sites are the same as the most widely used real life webcam site.

Others have gamed the confusion over that popular real life webcam sites to create competing real voyeur cam sites.

real life cam sites
Compared to xxx cam sites, real life cam sites fall short! (Model from a live porn chat site)

Truth be told the best couples cams are probably located at which has lots of free couples webcams from all parts of the world.

Of course, couples having sex live here are working off tips. personalized 1-on-1 real life webcam shows with couples are not free anywhere online. That said this platform also offers the cheapest couples sex cam experiences making it popular among swingers.

Over the past 2 years, a number of popular voyeur chat sites offering live cam chat have become popular.

Before I get into each of these I would suggest you read this page to the end so you can see what the consensus is becoming about these types of adult entertainment sites.

With that said here is the table comparing reallifecams websites. These are the top real life webcam sites as far as those offering the best selection of hidden cams. Realize though adult hidden cams are nothing more than live voyeur shows so don’t get hung up on the site names, instead focus on the quality of web chat.

Real life cam sitesReview Summary / Unique FeaturesMembership Cost
✓ Compared to voyuer house it is a way better deal
visit site
Free chatrooms and free access to all model's window.
✓ Why use voyer web when you get these kind of values
visit site
The price to register is nothing, you buy credits to interact.
✓ Not designed to be voyeur webcams but more real voyeur naughty action.
visit site
Zero cost cams, pay just for shows that are private with only you and models.
✓ It's a leading site for real life girls nude!
visit site
Membership prices are free but you just pay for sessions.
✓ Truly real life voyeur cam experiences if you just want to see more action
visit site
No Costs to Join and best alternative to reallife cams.
✓ legit real voyeur feel and better value
visit site
Free Lifetime Membership

The bottom line is that most sites claiming to offer hidden cams are just using this ploy as a method to gain users for a house full of wanna-be porn stars.

In reality, you are getting b-rated content with amateur pornstars. Below we have a table with some of the other widely known new real life webcam sites; the issue with those is the quality is low and the costs high.

Here is a screenshot of what plagues these real-life chat sites; empty rooms!

RealLifeCams is a category of cam sites where one goes to typically see couples personal lives. The most prolific of these sites is called, but it’s also struggling to keep its users happy and returning.

Most Popular Voyeur Cams: Not the Ones You’d Expect to See

One has the option to choose between obscure project voyeur,  voyeur web,, the camsoda voyeur sites; or the most widely known real life cams.

Other voyeur webcam sites like voyeur house tv and camarads are also becoming widely known for 2022, but they are NOT as popular as sites like

RLC or realifecam has both hidden cam voyeur videos and live voyeur cams and has a near cult-like following there is even an RLC forum. We just don’t get why though!

I have written a detailed reallifecam review and I have to tell you, after comparing the top voyeur cam sites that voyuer web sucks and had not near enough hidden sex cams to keep our interest.

The Real Problem With Hidden Cam Sites

Let’s be honest though and real about it. Voyeur-house, Like all these voyeur cam websites typically are just offering a little bit of like action compared to the non-stop dirty cams sex you get from all the best sex cams sites.

With on average 10-12 couples streaming their real lives via webcam, the real amount of erotic sex on cam is nil.

Below are the most literal real life cams platforms but be warned; they tend to be super boring and cost a lot. Actually, after testing and trying all the sites like reallifecam I was totally disappointed. I mean, I spent about $160.00 and got nearly nothing but a bunch of voyeur videos. Voyeur videos are available for free everywhere and most of you would agree that your not trying to pay sites like voyeur-house tv just to get some voyeur videos.

hidden sex cams
real life webcam sites really do not offer much in the way of real hidden sex cams. (You never see angles like this!)

What most people are asking is where to find the best voyeur cams.

If you tried reallife cam and felt it was a bust like us you won’t be a bit surprised to see our reallivecam reviews are not great. The fact is the hidden cam options are still pretty slim on the web. You can’t find free private voyeur cams anywhere yet except Chaturbate (reviews at that link).

Of course, these are not real live voyeur cams either and the hidden cams niche that some couples are cam girls are pitching is pretty weak.

RealLifeCams Can’t Compare to Cam Girls

It’s true. Live voyeur webcams just can’t compare to all the live-action you can at the legit adult chat sites.

We say stick to real cams and don’t waste your time with the free project voyeur or other voyeur cams. The verdict is in, most realifecams are not worth the costs of the premium subscriptions. I’d rather have a naughty time at 321sexchat site.

The fact is you can fantasize about hidden sex cams with any of the thousands of performers at cam girl sites without the silly high membership fees.

Real life webcamsSummary / ReviewMembership Costs
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✓ free real life cams
✓ reallifecam hd
visit site
RealLifeCam costs a month and you get hardly no hidden cam sex action

reviews button
✓ real life cam videos
✓ like project voyuer
visit site
VoyeurHouse costs as much with a rate of per month and also lacks erotic live scenes

reviews button
✓ real live cam
✓ couple cams
visit site
Camarads costs are per month. The fucking on hidden cams happens a bit more but the damn actresses look right into the so called hidden cams. FAKE!

reviews button
✓ voyer webb
✓ reallifecam video
visit site cost per month and had the least hidden cams in the entire voyeur house. Lots of time wasters.

We also compare all the other top voyeur cam sites but I should warn you there is so much crossover that the same sites were called out for unreasonably high and unnecessary membership fees. This whole realm of hidden sex cams, as well as stranger chat sites, makes up the worst consumer values across the entire adult entertainment industry. Not to mention the fact that many of these xxx chat sites are not even intended for adult use but have just been overrun by desperate horny guys.

We did showcase some of the best chat roulette sites but we had to really stretch that definition as well to instead focus on the user capabilities of using one’s own imagination so that you are not putting yourself in harm’s way.

Real live cams adults is a term you don’t want to take too literally. Stick to the platforms that are safe, offer the best selection, and lowest costs!

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