Camamba: How it Works and is it Safe? (Detailed Reviews)

Learn more about Camamba without registering in this detailed review. See if it is safe, how it works, and if it is really a free webcam chat room site.

Let’s cut to the chase!

Let me just come right out and say it, Camamba is not safe for adult chat, it’s a risky teen chat site that doesn’t age verify manually. While they offer free webcam chat room options that they claim are monitored this is not a place I would either use as an adult nor allow my children to use either.

Camamba – Legit or Hoax?

Clearly, free webcam chatrooms should either be totally dedicated to those over 18 years of age or be a place to have private cams chat just for kids which are monitored by responsible adults. The dangers lie where the two are immersed and this creates an unsafe space for everyone.

While we don’t pretend to be the last word on safe for teens webcam sites, we do know a lot about those where adult chat is the center of most of the discussions.

camamba review
Here is our Camamba review so you can learn more without soaking up the time to join and only be let down.

Frank is one of our top reviewers of web cam chat rooms that are considered mainstream and this is what he said when we asked about his overall impression of the site.

Man, this is a really basic site that I would really never use or refer anyone too. It looks like a college kid put it together. I admire the idea but to have a space chat webcam site you really have to fund people to check out who is coming and going and this place just falls short. They should also keep adults out of her if its supposed to be for kids but I saw people of all ages including minors. 

“Lastly, never in a million years discuss sex topics on this website as it’s not designed for that!”

I too took a look at the free private webcam offerings of Camamba and it was clear this was not a space that we’d ever refer people to.

camamba webcam room
Can you really suggest camamba webcam room to anyone? I’d not!

Camamba’s Features


After checking into Camamba registration, you can see four main options on the profile. It wasn’t the fascinating thing, nor did it have webcam chat rooms to peek into the model’s show.

  • About Me – A brief introduction to chat webcam users.
  • Gallery – The pictures are damn old and didn’t even spark any interest.
  • Fans – You can check out the number of fans who are interested in the webcam chat profile.
  • Guestbook – A whole list of profiles that saw your profile and left any messages, comments, or images.

Profile Images

camamba chat
The trust is most of the camamba chat user profiles are dated!

It came as no surprise that Camamba’s chat rooms and profiles have no moderation whatsoever. You’ll find all sorts of jokes on Camamba’s user images. Seriously though, no proper rules were set for new users on uploading images. Yes, pictures of men, and women, wearing masks, tattoos, nature images, smileys, jokers, etc.

Even if you look at free webcam chat room profiles here, it was too old to interact, and honestly, you instantly feel like going away from Camamba once and for all. Some of the profiles had last logging dated back five years.

There is no way you can watch a genuine cam girl for free private webcam shows.

Our readers are interested in mostly sex chat sites and so this really fell outside the scope of what we cover. So we’d suggest reading our list of the best chat sites.

There is a really short list of pros; okay perhaps I cannot come up with hardly anything that’s positive about Camamba. but we tried.

  • The snake logo would be cool if this was a snake chat site. 🙂 (Sadly it’s not!)
  • 20 years ago this was state of the art.
  • Popular in Germany mostly

Our list of cons is pretty deep and focused on the aspect of it not being a place for sex chat!

  • It is entirely innappropriate to use this site with adult intentions!
  • There are no cam girls
  • The damn interface freezes often due to what seems like dated technology and programming glitches. Perhaps they are still running old Flash?!
  • There are no age verifications
  • Takes too long to register.
  • Has very few American users
Below I shared some Camamba alternatives that are appropriate for adult chat room activities.

Alternatives of Camamba

Here is a list of Camamba alternatives with genuine private cam chats and free web cam chat rooms full of nude men, women, and couples. – A no-nonsense 18+ private cam chats platform with some of the best and most sexy strippers from different parts of the globe. Warning, most adult porn lovers who watched free nude shows from LiveJasmin have become loyal fans and found their online sex cam partners. – Anyone who likes to visit chatrooms with webcams of hot and sensual next-door models, pick this website—a legit white-label of all-time great Streamate with tons of free nude shows and budget-friendly private cam chats. – If you ever found sex cam chat rooms from chaturbate before Camamba, trust me, you’d absolutely fall in love with them. Arguably, the biggest and most-viewed live porn site with seductive camwhores you’ll find on the internet. On top of that, it has free credits and access features for all registered users.

It looks like some college dropout kid wanted to have some fun and got lost along the way creating this shithouse named Camamba. Review Conclusion

In short, these Camamba alternatives could give you more satisfaction and save you tons of time searching for adult video chat sites. Anyone with a craze for real webcam chat room girls would favor watching other sex cam chat sites than Stick to original and secured chat rooms and don’t risk your time or money trying to fall into shitty sites like Camamba.

Overall, if you are a newbie looking for an adult omegle-type video chat site perhaps start by reading our popular post about cheap cam girls!

webcam chat room
There is lots of fun to be had at webcam chat room sites.

That will get you introduced to some of the most trusted and safe places for adult video chat. Just remember, don’t get sucked into scammy, so-called free video chat sites like dirtyroulette, or other chat roulette gimmicks.

For upto date information and inside news about adult video chat sites and reviews, you can always peruse my chat sites blog. It’s free to access!

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