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Flingster is a free video chat site for users all around the world. It helps users to talk to strangers and have live streaming sex chat. For all those adult sex chat users, this review might help you to the reality of Flingster.com

The site looks like a trap from the initial impression, but let’s see what the actually got. Sometimes you’ll get that feeling you’re not in the right place, Flingster.com will give you the exact same feel.

Tagged as the Adult Video Chat and Adult Dating site, honestly, it is not doing both. If you’re a fellow adult chat user, Flingster does not do justice to both adult video chat and adult dating. 9 out of 10 people show dick right at the start. 

Flingster Review: How this so-called “Adult Video Chat” site works?

Did Flingster claims as a Video sex chat site? Maybe, but the reality is users will only see guys and naked perverts trying to peep at you every second. It could be frustrating, even as sex chat users, there should be some limitations and user experience taken into account. Flingster Failed!

Adult chat room users are fun in sites like Flirt4Free and Stripchat, that’s how we should check when looking for adult sex chat sites. 

Look at the theme for Flingster for instance, does it really looks attractive? Even basic free adult cam sites look better and trustable compared to Flingster.com. 

Flingster Review
Sites like Flingster claims cam chat with zero safety & privacy

Flingster Features: Are they legitimate?

Chat Settings:

Click on the chat settings right under the camera to find out more options such as,

  • Intro Message – Sex chat users can set up a basic introduction message, so they don’t have to type every time. Awesome, it made easier for guys to show their dicks and masturbate without worrying about anything related to chat. PATHETIC is the word.
  • Verified Badge This section will be available only for VIP members and not for adult sex chat users.
  • Translate Messages Users can now have the option to translate the messages from 30+ languages.
  • Gender – Sex chat rooms can change their genders from this section. i.e Make, Female or Couple.
  • I’m Interested In – This option is more like what we see in any dating apps, Flingster just copied the Interest tag ideas from other live sex chat sites and created this. Interests like Jerk Off, Lesbian, Ass, Hookup, Make Friends are some of the popular tags mentioned here.
  • Users Interested In – Again pretty much the above idea, but here you can sort of users from the interest tags they have mentioned in their profiles. OUTDATED!
  • Suggest a New Tag – Free Adult Cam users can also add new tags and submit for submission.
  • My Likes – How many other sex chat users have liked you will be shown in this section.
Flingster Home Page Screenshot
Flingster Home Page Screenshot

Zoom or Mute:

Another option placed above the video and it’s hardly visible for users. Flingster, if you don’t know how to make the sex-driven cam users satisfy with your services. You’ll out of the market even before you think! 

Report Section:

One of the most used functions in Flingster and that is clearly not attached in the right place. It is shown in a transparent icon right above the user video and most often sex cam users are finding it difficult to find out. Clearly, a cheap strategy used by Flingster.com to minimize the reported profiles. BAD INTERFACE!

Flingster Features
Flingster Premium Membership is just a trap, don’t fall prey in the Flingster adult chat room

Easy to Start:

It is true Flingster is easy to start but users are finding ways to get out of this site, that’s fucking reality. All we can users are showing the dick the moment you start the cam.

Are you kidding mate? We sign up to enjoy the adult video chat and the reception we get clearly shows the site but FULL OF CRAP.

Although Flingster claims to give feature-packed adult random chat, it’s nothing but BULLSHIT! Only a moron would believe and get deceived with these CHEAP Tactics. The site is a shit hole and Flingster trying hard to cover up.

Anonymous Adult Chat: (A Joke)

Seriously, if Flingtser thinks to give away 4-5 masks would protect the identity, it’s a completely JOKE. Flingster, you really can’t tag those as great features. Enough of lies, please.

We already had enough of checking random chat apps like Chatous (review at the link) and found teens are getting exposed to stranger cams than adults.

Flingster Girl
Flingster Girls are not available in the free chat room, what you see is just a fake loop video

Easily Meet Strangers:

Better you change the tag to “Easily Watch DICKS for free”. When a site is loading with perverts showing dicks

My Account:

Click the top right corner on My account to check out the details about,

  • Users Email: Current Email address is given and underneath that, you can change the password as well as delete the account.
  • Change of Email: Enter a valid email ID to change the current email to a new one.
  • Membership Status: By default, the status is set as Standard, and users can update into VIP by clicking the button underneath this section.


The Frequently asked questions about the use of flingster.com are explained here. Mostly it covers everything that an adult video chat user needs it.

Contact Us:

Contact us page explains different concerns and solutions for that. Here are the major concerns mentioned,

  • Cancellation of Membership
  • Issues related to Membership
  • Banned from chat
  • Anything related to reporting Bugs & Issues
  • Deletion of account
Flingster Cost
Flingster Cost – Higher than your expectation & much higher than what they offer

Hands down, this is one of the poorly designed adult chat rooms sites you’ll see in 2022. If you’re looking for authentic free adult video chat sites, you better check this list of cam sites (Link attached).

Flingster Pricing:

Here’s how the Flingster VIP Pricing Plan works :

Plan (Duration)Flingster Costs
1 week$6.99 (Rebills weekly)
1 month$19.99 (Rebills monthly)
6 months$14.99 (Rebills after 6 months)

What exactly a sex video chat users get out of this plan?

  1. Gender Filter – Users can filter out a specific gender for enjoying the sex chat rooms. (I.e Females Only, Males Only or Couples Only)
  2. Kill the Ads – Advertisements won’t be shown to users when they purchase the premium plans.
  3. Location Filter  – Users can filter other adult sex chat members by location. (Country wise filtering)
  4. Get Reconnected – Users can reconnect with the swiped user once again.
  5. In-chat Verified Badge – An identity that you’re a legitimate user of Flingster.com
Flingster Findings and Summary:
flingster.com girls might exist, we are just not sure where. The alternatives though deliver!

If you’re looking for legitimate free adult cam sites,  sorry you’re in the wrong place. There are tons of free sex chat sites and free adult video sites to hop in without wasting your valuable time in Flingster.

For example, Streamate.com is one of the popular free live sex chat sites that offer plenty of REAL CAM GIRLS and SEX CAM MODELS of different categories.

No kidding, Check for yourself!

All those creative and innovative tags what Flingster claim is completely BULLSHIT and that is visible to users.  

Sites like Flingster should be avoided not only because of the points we have mentioned, the site really doesn’t have enough free adult chat users.

Save the disappointment and look out for real live sex cam sites like ImLive, Chaturbate, and LiveJasmin.

Realize fellow free adult users, there are plenty of sites like Flingster.com which not only seduces the users, also makes the user spend more time and money. All for what? Nothing but a white-collar lie right in front of your face.

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