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Jerkmate (Warning: Not What is Seems!)

What is Jerkmate anyway? Is it a legit naked cam site? Can you view porn live free at There are lots of temptations with the creative ads flaunting girls on cams but first, you should get some detailed and honest answers about Jerkmates before you register. Our review truly explains everything that you need to know before using Jerk mate before you waste your time joining.

Jerkmate is a live porn site that mainly focuses on enabling members to jerk off to webcam girls live.

As the name suggests, jerk mate purports to offer you a free place for jerking off to girls online. Thus if that is one of your favorite time pastimes, at least at first glance this might sound like a fun video chat site. URCHHH! Hold up.

Based on what we’re about to tell you, you might want to think twice before using the Jerkmate cams website. This review of jerkmate comes down to simply looking at these two images. Once you do so the pictures will answer pretty much explain themselves.

jerkmate live cams
We explain what jerkmate live cams are. Now compare this to the cam girls from the picture below and look closely!
sites like jerkmate
It’s not even about sites like jerkmate my friend, it is not pure chance the cam girls are the same it is that it’s an exact duplicate.

Yup, you guessed it, jerk mate is nothing but a Streamate clone.

Sure, the home page of Jerkmate live cams is a pretty erotic sex cam site. Not a bad landing page for sure because they just made the landing page look new. Random nude girls live on cams is great but the fact is everything seen on the home page deceives you if you are to believe it’s an actual stand-alone platform.  

As far as the contents are concerned, everything is neatly written just get a user signed up for It is a numbers game and the fact is there is no real platform or solution offered by jerkmate, it’s a huge trick of sorts to get you enrolled in an affiliate offer. Try it, if you want, it’s certainly safe, but read on if you really want to find the accurate source for where these webcam girls are broadcasting from.

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Jerkmate Review – How this FAKE sex cams site actually works?

The moment when a user clicks on “Create an account”, the sites redirect to There it is guys. You are just registering for a white label version of one of the world’s biggest xxx live porn sites. To be clear, there are no free private sex cam shows at this video chat site.

frustrated by jerkmate
You are not the first guy and won’t be the last that is super frustrated by the claims of jerkmate.

So here are the details of how the jerkmate signup process works:

Of course, the signup process wasn’t that hard, all you have to do is insert an email ID, nickname. and password.

BOOM do you now get free sex cams? Hardly brother! 🙂 

Now you are probably going to get semi-pissed if you did this because you will instantly take note of the fact that the site you just fucking registered for is a platform that has been around for 20 fucking years. Meanwhile, chances are you already have a membership at the real site powering jerk mate and just wasted 10 minutes of time you could have been watching sexy little pussies live.


Why didn’t they tell me before it was just a damn white-label?

This is most people’s reactions after they register.

Truth is, it’s Jerkmatelive is nothing but a BLUNT COPY of Streamate, (review at that link). That is the original naked cam and where you’d be wise to register. Jerkmate tries to be sneaky and get you registered then present its streamate copy called

Clearly knowing what was going on beforehand you would have made the trip over to Streamate before you registered at jerkmatelive the copycat site.

RIGHT? Of course, you would have. Nobody likes to spit-shine their hot dog at a fake or cloned versions of live porn webcams.

Not that we like to degrade webcam sites, but when sites like Jerkmate CHEATS on users by not putting a banner on the home page saying it’s just a shitty white label, we torch it. Not because that is our job in writing cam site reviews, but because we’re in the business of information sharing about top chat sites.

Before I get too far into this duplicate site let’s talk about some sites like Jerkmate. If you want nude video chat direct from a real platform these jerkmate alternatives are worth your time. In case of wanting more leaked nudes of celebs and black porn, I’d say start with ProThots and BaddieHub (review at the links).

Sites Like Jerkmate

Before you spend any money with cam girls for mutual masturbation shows on sites like Jerkmate, totally visit It’s the best real place for this. PERIOD.

That said, there are thousands of girls masturbating on xxx live cam websites such as  ImLive (review at that link) or LiveJasmin (review at that link) as well. Any of these true source sites are all a WAY BETTER CHOICE than jerkmates webcams.

You deserve to know the reality of the situation mate. People want to ensure the live sex cam chat sites they join are not bogus. They just do not want to feel deceived or led into a trap. Tragically when you register for this site, those of us who already have streamate accounts feel jousted and as if their time was wasted. 

There are lots of mutual masturbation webcam sites out there, but Streamate is one of the hottest porn sites available online for free – just make sure you register at that source not some ridiculous trick landing page offering you a jerkmate girl.

Likewise, look out the jerkmate girls chat head that is now on thousands of popular live porn sites enticing them to get so-called free sex cams.

Here is what we are referring to:

jerkmate girl
jerkmate girl chat head is a marketing tool used to get people to register at jerkmatelive

When compared to any of those live cam sites, Jerkmate should jerk off somewhere. It’s a piece of TRASH to waste our valuable time and money.

Users of cam sites might thank us later for showing the real face of It is fascinating to see how genuine live porn users are sometimes deceived into a trap like Jerkmate.

After reading this Jerkmate Review, you’ll be well and truly saved from wasting your time and money. or Jerkmatelive is an entrapment into a giant piece of shit. Didn’t believe us? Check out the screenshots mentioned throughout this article.

Jerkmate Features:

Let’s start with the home page and followed by other features.

  • Live Cam Box: A small live cam box is available on the home page to seduce, deceive and make sure users stay on the page and opts for signing up.

Users can check the models’ profiles by clicking in the video box or the name mentioned inside of the box. Also, users can mute the sound, make the profile as favorite, check for other random cams.

Click on “Start Your Cam” won’t do anything but a lie. A major set back for users to feel irritated by this.

  • Jerkmates Questionnaire Box: A questionnaire box is available for users to choose the models according to the interests mentioned.

Here are the basic questions asked by

  1. To choose Most Attractive Models to see with four options
  • Ebony – Caucasian – Latina – Asian – Teen Chat
  1. To choose on the Favorite Hair Color on the model
  • Red Hair – Blonde Hair – Brown Hair – Black Hair.
  1. To choose the Body type of the models
  • BBW – Chubby – Athletic – Skinny.

Users can answer the above questions or simply skip then completely now that they know what this xxx webcam site is doing.

Either way what happens next in their little sales funnel is live porn will be shown to users and with other recommended models as well. Here is a snapshot of jerkmate home page which is being marketing by thousands of affiliates and popular porn sites. It’s all that marketing which has lots of people asking what is jerkmate?

It is just a marketing ploy to get you registered for a top sex cams site that goes by a different name.

JerkMate Home Page Screenshot
JerkMate Home Page Screenshot 2022

Clearly, these are all the same features offered from the root site and not original to jerk mate live either!

  • My Favorites: All the chosen favorite models will be shown here. Users can view as well as remove the profiles from the favorites section.
  • Tags: Users can check out the models using the tag feature as well. It helps to find specific tags upfront without much hassle. A list of 35 tags is available in Jerkmate so far.

Here are some popular tags from,

  • BBW, Anal, Big Cock, Cuckold, BDSM & Big Boobs.
  • Jerkmate site Languages: Currently, there 6 languages available for users to select according to their preferences: English – Português – Deutsch – Français – Español – Italiano
  • Jerkmate Blog: Articles related to porn, masturbation and sex toys are available for both Male and Female cams.
  • There are even jerk mate Pornstars listed: A list of 19-20 pornstar cam girls are mentioned under the pornstar cams listing.  
  • Model Listing: A list of all the model combinations has been listed on this page. Users might have remembered the Questionnaire box mentioned earlier, the combination of search options and the models are listed on this page. Here’s an example of how the model listing will be shown: Hispanic Female with Blond hair that is Slim.

Nevertheless, if you came here expecting totally free sex cams or wanting to watch girls masturbating and talk to you in private for free, Jerkmate is a huge disappointment.

Look man while Streamate, the underling adult webcam site here is ROCK SOLID, but another one of my personal favorite live xxx webcam chat rooms sites; a truly free sex webcams platform I also have to mention is Chaturbate (review at that link). That is a free sex cams option that is genuine and worth taking a look at as well.

You’d have to have been stranded on a desert island the last 5 years to have not heard of it, but that website is located at The fact is this is the cheapest fucking jerk off site on the internet and free cams are everywhere there. You can talk to and wank to girls till the cows come home or until you start feeling guilty. 

So getting back to this jerk off cams ruse…

Here is Real Jerkmate Costs and xxx Webcam Show Pricing:

There is no specific jerkmate costs because each of the camwhores picks their own rates based on what they think their pussy it worth. Harsh but true. To give you a better idea of the real Jerk Mate Live prices though I chose 15 cam sluts at random and had a 3-minute live jerk off session on cam with them.

There was no rhyme or reason for the differences in prices but the new jerkmatelive girls were cheaper than those with more experience. Check the table below for further details.

JerkmateLive Average Show Cost for 3 minute show - By Years of ExpJerkmate Pricing

Jerk mateJerkmate RewardsPercentage of CreditDays
1Rewards Level1%3 active days
2Rewards Level2%15 active days
3Rewards Level3%30 active days
4Rewards Level4%45 active days
5Rewards Level5%60 active days
6Rewards Level6%120 active days
7Rewards Level7%180 active days
8Rewards Level8%240 active days
9Rewards Level9%300 active days
10Rewards Level10%360 active days

There is also jerkmatelive reward program but only because it’s also the duplicate from the source site we keep blaring out.

When a user spends x amount of money for 3 consecutive days, (minimum he/she should have watched any private show for 2 mins or more). Then, 1% of the money spent will be returned back to the user. So clearly that is awesome right?

jerkmate review
My jerkmate review is honest and I am NOT an affiliate of this site.

Yeah, sure it’s fine but irrelevant because most smart guys are registered at the real underlining platform. 

You really trust jerkmate cams when the jerk mate girls are not even really working at jerkmate!

When you learn that jerkmates aren’t even a real company but just a brand and a logo over the top of a completely different adult webcam site it can be super annoying for anyone. Are you getting the drift now?

For a COPIED site like Jerkmate, it would a colossal mistake to join or spend your money there, versus going directly to the true site that powers jerkmate live cams. 

Sure, guys love masturbating to live chicks on the web but if you have an offer you ought to share the fact of where those live cam girl feeds are coming from.  

You deserve to know the truth about which live porn platforms are legit. Jerkmate is certainly not that legitimate site where you’d want to spend your quality time with naughty cam bitches because you can actually join the source site without going around it on a site like this.

Jerkmate Findings and Summary:

While it may be true that Jerkmate girls are hot, once people know that this entire live cams website is basically an optical illusion there is nothing left to do here. 

Those sexy internet models you see at jerkmatelive are originally and truly being served from the site called

YES, jerkmate is a copy of streamate! I should also mention their doing the same thing that pornhublive (review at that link) is doing. Another case of this is outlined in our redtubelive reviews.

So again there is absolutely nothing wrong with watching a live porn site, but finding the right ones and spending money at those legit sex webcam platforms is something we need to be careful of and that is why your reading jerkmate reviews in the first place.

In conclusion, we would urge you to stick to authentic adult cams platforms. By authentic we mean where there is no middle man or the sex webcams are not fed via API technology from different platforms. Recently picked Flirtymania and had a go at that. It’s a delusion in the name of free cam to cam chat site.

Realize my fellow live porn lovers, original naked cam sites are just within your reach. Peep our list of the top webcam sites if you want to know more about all best porn live sites to virtually fuck cam girls?

So for everyone asking, what is jerk mate? Now you know! Perhaps the only bigger waste of your time might be reallifecams or chat roulette sites.

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